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SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS (visiting hours and medication)

KEYS! if clients cannot provide a full set of keys for us to keep on file,

meaning even after contract is over, we will ask clients to purchase a lockbox


 $36 per visit up to 2 cats($4 additional per visit per additional cat/pet)


*$10 daily additional (not per visit)  on holidays (scroll down for the holiday days)


cost per visit starts at $38 up to 2 cats ($4 additional per visit per additional cat/pet) - (please make sure we can accommodate)

​Your Cats Will Have ONE selected cat sitter aka primary and if that sitter is not available Your Cats will have ONE selected backup sitter

We try to not have too many different sitters visit - We do our best to insure comfort and ease 
Although we love all creatures, we do Specialize In Cats - All Cats Are Created Equal In Our Eye

The West Village Cat Sitter & Manhattan Kitties LLC aka WVCS-MK only refers "Cat Sitters With THE PURRFECT CATTITUDE!"



We apologize but until further notice we are no longer able to accommodate visits that have time sensitivities

1.ONE visit per day - 6AM to 9PM

2.TWO visits same day - AM:6AM to 12PM and PM: 12PM to 9PM

(we leave at least 5 hrs in between visits)

If clients request a visit on the same day of their departure and/or return, we will work the timing of that visit whenever possible

We will ALWAYS try to accommodate clients' preferences but we can no longer ''promise'' it will be done

BASIC VISIT INCLUDES - free unless specified next to it

* purring time  - a little bit of talking, WE ALL KNOW cats love the attention and of course a little bit of petting and playing if the cats are up for it - brushing, chasing toy or laser targeting, we will find a way to interact with your purries - and for the Houdinis (hiding masters), well, we can have whole telepathic conversation even if we cannot really directly interact with them. 

* visit report (daily update reports) - thorough email reports are sent after each visit. We do our best to attach pictures and/or small videos if time allows and of course if the cats are not camera shy. We also include stations pics at the beginning, meaning food/water/litter box pics after all ready for the purries to give you peace of mind. When sitters have time, they may write a few lines describing what the purries were up to.

* contract wrap-up aka clients check-in - WVCS-MK wants to make sure clients are actually reunited with their purries and ensure they are home safe and sound.  The sitter or WVCS-MK will reach out within a reasonable amount of time after the mentioned return date/time.

* feeding - cleaning feeding dishes each time - auto-feeder: it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure it functions properly (new batteries, etc...)

* litter box maintenance - scooping after each visit (free up to 2 litter boxes) - FULL SCRUB (empty/clean box/refill): $15 each box additional

* fresh water - cleaning water bowl or light wash water fountain - FULL CLEANING OF FOUNTAIN ( removal of filter and thorough cleaning: $15 additional)

* taking out the soiled litter

* watering plants - maximum 5 plants - WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS ON KITCHEN COUNTER REQUIRED - Thank you. Above 5 plants, an EXTRA CHARGE may be added if/when watering has to happen on the same day - SUMMER: garden watering (outside watering) will warrant an extra charge depending on how long it takes for the sitter to do the watering.

* keeping 2 full sets keys on file until further notice- sitters keep one set of keys during the contract and The West Village Cat Sitter & Manhattan Kitties LLC aka WVCS-MK keeps the 2nd set in case there is an emergency.  THIS MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE but for now it is still available. In the event WVCS-MK cannot keep on file at all times 2 full sets of keys (or at east 1 full set and another with the apartment keys), clients will have to have a lockbox outside or near their home with keys.

* giving medication or vitamin IN FOOD to be taken from one visit to the next is FREE - UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE we no longer accept new clients whose cuties have medication that have to be given directly to the purries (ear ointment/syringe/pill) or that requires the sitter to stay until the medication is administered/taken.  If clients have 2 cats and one cat requires medication, we are no longer accepting these visits since the sitter wouldn't be able to leave the medication out for fear that the other purry would ingest it.

* walk-up building (no elevator) - no extra charge up to the 3rd floor) of a walk-up building, but there will be an extra charge of at least $4 and up depending on how many flights of stairs there are.  To be discussed.

* retrieving mail and leaving it in your home - no heavy packages unless there is an elevator please.

​* quick walk-through to make sure there are no ''accidents'' which obviously would be a sign of discomfort

HOLIDAYS 2024 (if visits fall on any of these days, a DAILY additional fee of $10 will be added unless otherwise agreed upon

1/1 New Year
1/13-1/15 Marther Luther King weekend
2/17-2/19 President's Day weekend
3/29-4/1 Easter weekend
5/24-5/27 Memorial Day weekend
6/19 Juneteenth
7/4-7/7 Independence Day weekend
8/30-9/2 Labor Day weekend
10/12-10/14 Columbus Day weekend
11/9-11/11 Veterans Day weekend 
11/28-12/1 Thanksgiving weekend
12/23-12/26 + 12/30-12/31 Year and holiday weekend
1/1/25  New Year

Please note that compared to many other cat sitting/visiting agency

- NO CHARGE for holding the keys on file - THIS may change MID 2024

- NO CHARGE for last minute requests

- NO CHARGE for cancellations - except day and except maybe for Thanksgiving and Year-End Holidays 

- NO CHARGE for contract amendments